Old Rails' Tales

Old Rails' Tales


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Old Rails' Tales, vol 1: anecdotes, stories, & memoirs on the road & in the yard (oral journalism/oral history) ...the only book of on-the-job true stories told by six generations of engineers, firemen, conductors, brakemen, switchmen, dispatchers, yardmasters & superintendents on Southern Pacific, Western Pacific, Santa Fe & Amtrak ... plus the first women engineers in California. Reviewed by the New York Times as one of the best new books of the year. Includes many stories of Southern Pacific in Old San Francisco, when the trains ran along the Old China Basin waterfront in Old Mission Bay and up 16th Street. 

New American Underground Poetry, vol 1: the babarians of san francisco - poets from hell Intro by Alan Allen, "Cafe Babar (named after the storybook elephant) is a little Cafe on 22nd and Guerrero behind the Mission District in San Francisco. From there on the West Coast from the mid-late '80s up through about 1994, a unique group of poets gathered on Thursday nights for a feature, followed by an open mike. The poets performing or reading their work there became known across the United States and in Central and Eastern Europe as some of the best poets in the U.S. They valued emotional honesty and their poems captured it." Preface by Julia Vinograd, "Throughout the early-to-mid '80s the Spaghetti Factory was a central collecting spot for North Beach 'beat' poets. Then it closed. We bounced uneasily from one place to another: Banan Place, On Broadway; Peters' Pub, etc. We were glared at suspiciously by everyone from elderly dart players to rock bands who thought we had no business wasting their warm-up time. Gradually the people changed. The poetry changed - we definitely weren't 'beats'. A genre of new, impatient Babarian voices emerged: personal, vivid, very much in the modern world from tv to mtv to the sex clubs - a voice influenced by the L.A. slums of Bukowski and the NY slums of Jim Carroll - but undeniably San Francisco, the San Francisco tourists never see."

A Noah's Ark of Recurring Celebration: San Francisco Annual Event History - Winners of the Human Race ... Storytellin' Muni Drivers 20th Anniversary Edition (history & oral journalism) According to Alan Allen, editor, & aspiring co-founder of San Francisco World Peace Day, "San Francisco, birthplace of United Nations and 49'ers is about being real. At least 70 of the 142 annual events are put on by non-profit groups to support non-profit causes to help others; the other 70 events help support non-profit causes. We're a city that cares about people. That's what we're about. San Franciscans, visitors to-and-from the Bay Area, and tourists from across the country and around the world have faith in San Francisco and what we stand for, in our good will, creativity, and diversity ...and respect San Francisco historically as a haven of social justice for immigrants fleeing war, slavery, starvation and poverty, and as the friendliest, most creative, openly diverse and welcoming city in the world. We've historically documented that unspoken social contract, spirit and human accomplishment in A Noah's Ark of Recurring Celebration ~ San Francisco Annual Event History." (Also, contains the entirety of Storytellin' Muni Drivers, vol 1-6: 20th Anniversary Edition)

Storytellin' Muni Drivers, vol 1-6: 20th Anniversary Edition, true stories by San Francisco municipal railway drivers of cable cars, diesel buses, streetcars, trolleys & trams (oral journalism)  ...an abridged version of A Noah's Ark of Recurring Celebration, with just the Muni stories & photos of working cable cars, streetcars, trolleys & trams in it.

American Civilian Counter-terrorist Manual: a fictional autobiography of Ronald Reagan (historical fiction) ...Ronald Reagan was groomed, financed & positioned in State & National politics by influencial folks based in San Francisco, from 1950-to-1988 ...this novel finds President Ronald Reagan at odds with his daughter, Vice President, White House Staff & Cabinet, as Ronnie & Nancy try to do the best acting of their lives to leave the White House, alive. While many hippies & college students hating Reagan for supporting the Vietnam War & the Contra's thought the Reagan-Bush Administration was run by Nazi's, as it turns out ... . A historical novel set against the backdrop of the goings-on of documented U.S./Soviet/German/British double- & triple-agents that defined the World Order & New World Order geographical & intellectual boundaries of our 20th Century. The novel documents our life & times in the story, life & times of our most popular President & of the people, companies & institutions around him. The book documents the money-issuing class that planted & nurtured the social engineering seeds & reaped the war profiteering, petroleum, weapons, drug trafficking, & money-issuing harvest by shaping the West, driving East & South, & looting the natural resources, national treasuries & the taxpayers of every country it encountered. Coming in spring of 2008! This historical novel also documents the War on Terrorism we are fighting today was put into place in 1913 with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank by a German/British/American triple-agent in only six years, whose vision flowered in the Great Depression, was nurtured in every Western war & during the Reagan-Bush Administration, & today continues in the War of Terror represented by Vice President Bush's son, W. The 600-page novel includes a 60-page index & bibliography of several hundred books & newspaper articles from which the historical documentation is drawn, representing several hundred authors & reporters, & biographers & books from 1775-to-2007.

Calypso Kings & Carnival Queens: The Years of Unbearable Sorrow ~ true stories by women & men raped (as children) by their moms, dads, priests & nuns - stories of re-empowerment by adult survivors of childhood abuse that are leading a child human rights movement in America, Today Coming in spring of 2008! Heroes walk among us, helping to make a window of opportunity to heal & protect our children from predators ~ As of summer, 2007, Human Rights for Children in the U.S. protecting children from predators, for the first time in history, is gaining bi-partisan legislative momentum on a State-by-State basis. First in California, then Colorado and is now underway in ten other States. There are heroes in this movement in America ... many who began as children victimized by priests, many have committed suicide because as children, they blamed themselves for their abuse. Those who remain refer to themselves as, ‘survivors'. They have survived and overcome great terror, horror and trauma. They have survived being abused, cast out, ridiculed, and disbelieved. When the survivors ask the Church for help, they are called liars then turned a blind eye by clergy and parishioner, alike ... shunned, and ostracized. What was their crime? Merely being a child who believed in God. What was their punishment? A lifetime of hurt. What was their sentence? Many renounced the Church and organized religion, returning to a natural reverence for life. Others renounced God entirely. What was their redemption? To fight back and take back their self-esteem, and in-so-doing, to create a protective shield for children today, and for future generations, against abuse, and lay the legal groundwork for a human rights for children movement in the U.S. Today, many survivors are the leaders of the human rights for children movement in the United States. As of this writing, this human rights struggle has yesterday spilled over into Mexico, when the Cardinal of Mexico was deposed for conspiracy with a Cardinal in the U.S., for smuggling predator priests from one country to another. The whole of Mexico, Latin America and South America is in an uproar, and the lives of the survivors there that helped raise the issue are at stake. We should know their names. Not only is each survivor a hero, but in healing themselves, many have gone on to fight for healing, legal redress, and for child protection for children everywhere. Jennifer, David, Barbara, Mary, Eric, Joey are a few of their names, (& a few of the names of their advocates, Terry, Jeff). These are their stories, and stories of others, too. Today, regarding prosecution on a State-by-State level, only the crime of murder has no statute of limitation. Other crimes have a time-limit in which a lawsuit may be raised, after that time period ... you can not criminally prosecute, for example, a serial rapist of children, with as many as 40 to several hundred victims. Pursuing domestic human rights for children requires each State, individually, to actually reverse their Statue of Limitation laws for sexual abuse. This sets a precedent for States, and entire countries, to remove the national sovereignty and diplomatic immunity of the Vatican ... allowing victims of priests to sue not only sexual predators in the Catholic Church ...but, to hold the Church hierarchy accountable for covering up and protecting sexual predators instead of helping the victims, and hold the Church hierarchy, the Pope and Vatican itself accountable for conspiring to transfer perpetrators to different geographical locations to avoid prosecution. This healing, in-so-doing empowers tens of thousands of women and men raped as children in the United States by priests, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Catholic children around the world, to regain some of the security that was sadistically and pathologically and in a premeditated fashion, stripped from them when they were children, by spiritual authority figures. And, at the same time protects our children, today and in future generations. [The current Pope is from San Francisco; in San Francisco, his corporate (Vatican) job responsibilities included world-wide enforcement of the secret Vatican decree, Crimen Solicitationis -- which mandates, upon pain of excommunication, that all bishops & priests must not talk about their sex crimes.]